Holistic Meets Long Term

We work with multigenerational families of significant net worth, including business owners, entrepreneurs, engineers, and other successful professionals.  We feel our team style of empathic listening aligns well with many different personalities and tends to especially resonate with successful women who are business owners.  Using a market-oriented approach, we look at a global perspective with a long-term time horizon.  Our clients are typically in the Santa Barbara or Newport Beach area.

Our clients can expect honesty, experience, and straight-forward explanations.  We pride ourselves in educating our clients so they understand and take ownership in our strategic planning.  We know there is no single solution for any market nor any client, which is why we make sure to take the time necessary to get to know you, your family dynamics, your tolerance for risk, as well as other important factors.


Honesty. Experience. Explanations.

What to Expect

Our clients are important to us, and we want to show it.  We seek to be available and flexible, and our interactions are dictated by our clients’ specific needs and wants.  We take pride in educating our clients so they can not only understand, but take ownership in our wealth management and investment planning.  We know there is no single strategy that fits every client.

We meet with our clients quarterly and are always available if they have any questions or concerns to review current markets, account performance, cash flow, or any financial updates. 

Stifel Solutions Program

Discretionary Investment Management

For clients who choose discretionary advisory services, Monica manages client portfolios in the Stifel Solutions Program, a discretionary advisory services program.  She focuses on seeking to address clients’ objectives while mitigating taxes at the best rates possible.  She also takes a market-oriented approach with a global perspective and a long-term time horizon.

The Solutions program requires a minimum investment, which varies by strategy.  Ask your Financial Advisor for a Disclosure Brochure, which further outlines the fees, services, exclusions, and disclosures associated with this program.  Since all investment decisions in a Solutions account are made by the Financial Advisor without having to receive prior client approval, it is important that Solutions clients have detailed knowledge of the Financial Advisor’s individual investment philosophy and decision-making process before entrusting him or her with their portfolio.  You should consider all terms and conditions before deciding whether the Solutions Program and any particular strategy are appropriate for your needs.