Timpe Wealth Management Group

Monica Timpe Williams

Senior Vice President/Investments

Monica began her investment industry career in 1999.  After spending 21 years with Morgan Stanley and its predecessor firms in Newport Beach, she joined Stifel in 2020.  The change in firms reflected not only her experience and advanced capabilities, but also Stifel’s rise from a regional bond house to one of the nation’s leading wealth management and investment banking firms. 

As a portfolio manager in the Stifel Solutions Program, Monica is able to craft thoughtful portfolios on a risk-adjusted, discretionary basis using a pre-screened investment approach.  This enables her to quickly react to market conditions when implementing investment strategies for clients who are in the program.  The result is customized investment management, with strategies tailored to clients’ specific needs and objectives. 

“My mother and I built a business of multigenerational client families during the 21 years I spent at Morgan Stanley.  The most important part of the services I offer is my desire to listen carefully to and empathize with my clients’ needs.  I can then craft combinations of investments, insurance policies, and other products that are most appropriate for their specific situations and tax brackets.  I avoid ‘plug and play’ models and create bespoke, personalized portfolios.  Always willing to shift course, I am able to address any issues by examining all alternatives and keeping nimble in ever-changing markets.  The last several years have shown us just how volatile things can get and how important it is to have comprehensive plans.” 

Monica now maintains offices in Newport Beach and Santa Barbara, heading a growing team that includes her son, Josh.  This couldn’t be a more appropriate role for a financial advisor who grew up in the 1970s playing on the floor of her mother’s Merrill Lynch office!  Multigenerational and legacy planning have always been Monica’s true passion. She has assisted many of her clients’ families for decades. 

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to continue the family legacy here at Stifel by bringing my son on board!”

Monica is also active in philanthropic circles, a lover of music, opera, and theater, an equestrienne and polo enthusiast, and enjoys playing bridge, practicing hot yoga, and traveling.  She is always full of surprises for her loving husband and children!

The Solutions program requires a minimum investment, which varies by strategy.  Ask your Financial Advisor for a Disclosure Brochure, which further outlines the fees, services, exclusions, and disclosures associated with this program.  Since all investment decisions in a Solutions account are made by the Financial Advisor without having to receive prior client approval, it is important that Solutions clients have detailed knowledge of the Financial Advisor’s individual investment philosophy and decision-making process before entrusting him or her with their portfolio.  You should consider all terms and conditions before deciding whether the Solutions Program and any particular strategy are appropriate for your needs.


Josh Timpe

Financial Advisor

Josh began his investment industry career at Stifel in 2023.  Prior to joining Stifel, he had a successful career in manufacturing, supporting a team in guiding a small local company through the IPO process and growing it into one of their industry’s largest global suppliers.  His contributions in both product and executive customer relationship management, as well as building a compliance department from the ground up, were pivotal in this transformation.

“Joining Stifel felt like a natural career progression, allowing me to combine my extensive business experience with my enduring passion for economics and helping people through a commitment to seeking to make a positive contribution to their lives.  I’ve always respected the holistic, client-centric approach my grandmother and mother have employed, and to be able to learn the business from one of the best is an honor.”

Outside the office, Josh cherishes his moments with his wife, Jaclynn, and their wonderful son, Rio Jay.  Josh has always had an affinity for athletics, having played rugby for more than 10 years.  He continues to remain active in the rugby community and hopes to one day coach his son.

Chloe Gamboa

Client Service Associate

Chloe began her financial services career at Stifel in 2019.  An integral member of the team, she is responsible for providing a high level of client service and administrative support.  She handles requests from clients for money movement and manages all other client servicing requests related to account administration and maintenance. 

Raised in Minnesota, Chloe now lives in Santa Barbara with her husband, Peter, and their German Shepard.  Outside the office, Chloe enjoys hiking, traveling, going to the beach, and playing and watching sports.